Mahalo is a real life site set in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii, created December 2015. We offer a draft system that pairs new characters with established ones for immediate plots/threads. There is no word count and the freestyle section of our application is optional. Please be sure to check out the rules.


Our site's skin, custom templates, and mini profile were made exclusively for Mahalo by LAUZ.

Old version templates and codes were made exclusively for Mahalo by Dean.

Credit goes to the members for their writing and their characters.

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Aloha Kākou. This forum is where you will find all the information regarding Mahalo; our rules, plot, member groups as well as a site map. This is also where you will find important site updates, activity checks, the moderation thread as well as character awards/ badges. Check out the Character Development Challenge to collect badges on your character's mini profile. Please make sure to take the time to look at our rules.


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This is where you post your application. Please make sure to read the rules before you apply. There are sub-forums for completed applications and another sub-forum for pending applications if you need a bit more time to finish, please make sure to bump your pending application with a simple 'finished' when it is complete.
This is the next step after you have been accepted, keep in mind that the claims are first come first serve. You may also reserve a face claim before you post your application. Reserves last for seven days and can be renewed once. This is also where you can find your draft posted. All information about what a draft is can be found in the Draft sub-forum.
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